I Sh!t You Not... It All Started In A Moldy Basement.

Some of the greatest companies started in a basement, and it is now our lovely, not moldy, print shop. We are fully equip with optimism, determination, bad ideas, and good intentions.

We are a couple of Cleveland rebel artists & unusuals, living in a old century home twenty minutes outside of the city, we call our lovable establishment many things... one of which inspired Flat House Press. We all wanted to do something much bigger, something we loved, making art that could bring all walks of life together, and freely visualizing our outrageous minds. Many conversations have started by, "Hey, what does your t-shirt say?", or "I really like that shirt.". We have made it our mission to:

Change the world perspective, help/inspire others to always be authentic, accepting, light, and connected through print arts.

We break down traditional monuments, the world is changing, and not everything is truly how any one person may see it. It is worth it to look through other's eyes because everyone has something that they need to set free. We highly encourage others to be themselves no matter what the world "tells" them to be. So prepare yourself for radical interpretation and remember to be exactly what you want to see in the world.