• Blast Off T-Shirt


    ***Professional Product Photos Coming Soon***

    When the bass drops, it's time put on that space gear, treat that subwoofer like a personal rocket ship, and "Blast Off"! This is a very special design of our space raver chick squirting on a powerful subwoofer using the most premium of eco-friendly inks. Letting the vibrations take hold, in utter extasy, the eco-friendly water-based white and black ink show off her curves and outfit, with splashes of our hand-mixed color shifting ink using Omicron Pearl blue/purple pigment powder in a Swarovski crystal eco-friendly water-based ink. Then, to top it all off, we wanted a unique focal point by using specialty eco-friendly high gloss water-based ink to highlight her juices and the words "Blast Off", all hand screen printed on a peach sustainably manufactured unisex T-shirt.

    ***Size Chart Coming Soon***